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Changes to Ancient Wonders - BETA


Does anyone know what the changes are to AWs? I heard there was an announcement but it would have been on discord, so I can't see it. Someone said that we will need RRs to upgrade AWs and the rewards have been decreased. I hope this isn't true but it sound like the kind of stupid thing Inno would do. Is it a coincidence that they are now offering bonus RRs with diamond purchases?


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Hi @dennise Please click HERE (please note this will take you to the BETA Thread and WILL contain Spoilers!

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Read about this earlier in Facebook group. VERY unpopular!!

The changes are going to spoil the game that's for sure! Apparently now requiring RR and CC spells to upgrade AWs. Downgrading benefits of MM/Sanctuary and Dragon Abbey, messing with Thrones. Not clear if these "improvements" () will affect all AWs?

WHO decides these things? Do they consult actual players beforehand? I think I know the answer to that...


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Guys, we really do understand your frustration with this as we are all players here and therefore all in the same boat with game changes.
But please, can we keep it polite and adhere to the Forum Rules, as we really do not want to be removing hate speech and moderator attacks. Please be mindful that we are trying our best to keep the International Forum, extreme negative behaviour does not help this cause.
Vent by all means, but nicely!


Polite venting..lol. How does that work? Jokes aside though, please dont let a few vents be the reason we lose the forums gang. Be creative in your speech but not mean and nasty...god knows there is enough of that in the world at the minute.


...god knows there is enough of that in the world at the minute.
Oh no. You mentioned the 'world' and 'god' and voiced an opinion on the global situation. Careful you don't get censored for 'political discussion' mate. Passing even politically neutral comments can get you deleted. Even if you are not having a 'discussion'! I've seen it happen recently. Rules are rules, but their interpretations are another matter. But no one will give a rat's after the forum is deleted. Let's see them enforce their rules on Discord. Actually I won't, but you are free to investigate. :confused:
Ugh. The changes are in Live now. Example: Shrooms will take 830KP, plus 17CC spells and gazillions of spell fragments to upgrade. I don't keep heaps of stuff in inventory so will now struggle to upgrade any AWs. What's the point of these changes? It's not a challenge it's a struggle. Who wants to play a game that makes you struggle suddenly for no good reason?!
One of my players, who is ranked in the top 20 in the world, has now got -1M culture after the AW changes, and has dropped 10 places in the rankings overnight. She now cannot replace the buildings she ported for the FA when it is over. It is a total shambles.