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Ch XIII Amuni Building Layout Tip


The Goldsmith and Trap Maker buildings need to be connected to a Residence and Workshop respectively. It makes planning your layout a lot easier to know that the Residences and Workshops do not need to be connected to a road to make the guest buildings function. Build level 1 buildings next to a road then move them where needed. If you try to build away from a road the building won't complete and your builders stop working. You also get a quest instructing you to fix the missing road connection, which can be declined. Pic of one of my cities shows a valid and operational layout.



Master of the Elements
I've heard it suggested, though I haven't ever built anything other than a portal for chapter 13 and 14.


I did the same :D
I didn't want to dismantle the whole city just to build the settlement as Inno intended. It's my city and as much as possible, I play the way I want it, not the way others think I should.


Same here, PP spells all the way :) It´s just one of the perfect chapters for those... 13 and 14 I think are my fav chapters for PP spells :D Although there are others where the entire settlement (except the portal of course) can be skipped.


I never could deduce what Egyptian Amunis had to do with elves, dwarfs, and orcs. But maybe there is an association for human-based players. I'm glad that chapter is long gone :)


is the chapter I disliked the most. I really didn't like that we had to change the whole layout of the city. That's why I opted to use inactive residences lvl.1 and WS lvl.1.


Not much in terms of useful techs in that chapter either, but at least the barracks/merc Camp upgrades made it better than Elementals. And also Elementals has this silly slow start when you have to put up 20 canals for a few weeks and you also need to build at least a lvl 1 settlement to upgrade your portal...

So my least fav is certainly chapter 12 lol. Well out of the chapters that are still worth playing that is. I consider anything beyond chapter 15 as non-chapter lol.

Amuni with PP spells is a breeze and I finished it in less than 3 weeks :) It was done before I noticed it started lol. Same with chapter 14 btw! After that one has to start to put in an effort in chapter 15 though.

Lady Croft

I love the Egyptian-style buildings, myself :)
Just entering this chapter on my Beta city, and this time I'm going slower through it, to concentrate KP into AWs. That said, I have 6 AWs queuing for upgrade as I lack SFs, and things to disenchant to get them. Going slowly, as Inno now intend for us ;)
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