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Answered Cauldron Research changed?

Sir Derf

When it was first introduced, wasn't the Cauldron Research optional?

Today I went to pay for a research, and I was first focused in Chapter 5 on the Cauldron, which I hadn't done yet. I was waiting on a quest asking for research. I moved to my current Researches, and they were blacked out, inaccessible. I went back to Chapter 5 and see that the Cauldron is not optional like I had thought, but is now perquisite to Expansion 19. I'm fairly certain that I've paid for a current research since the Cauldron was introduced...


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi @Sir Derf

This was confirmed via the In Game News about 2wks ago. It stated that The Cauldron Research needed to be Researched/Completed by the 31st January in order to be able to fulfil Quests that would begin appearing.

Similar to The Spire and Tournament Researches, this will need to be completed due to The Cauldron becoming an essential part of the Game. The Research Tree is now beginning to prompt those who haven't yet researched it, to do so.

This of course does not mean you HAVE to participate in the Cauldron on a weekly basis, it simply means you have it unlocked and there for when these Quests appear :)

Kind Regards



On the upside @Sir Derf, you might be able to brew some foppy toes in the Cauldron ;)


I decided to take a research break on getting to the end of chapter 14. It looks like I'll be stopping here a while longer. :rolleyes:


Previous research used to happen a lot as a requirement in the early days of the game but haven't seen it as a requirement to move forward in years possibly at least 5 years after the early days of the game. Surprized the devs did this after so long but doesn't affect gameplay in my opinion, and extra stroryline quests give 80 free diamonds for completing the 4 or 5 of them.