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Cackleberries Recruiting


We currently have 4 spaces available due to a few members stepping back from the game for real life!
We are a relaxed bunch of long term players, we are looking for players that want to play and join in, we complete Silver Spire (sometimes gold if we feel we need the rush!) and get 10+ chests in Tournament, always complete 3 maps in FA. We do not have rules about minimum scores just that you play and join in, although adding just 30 points in tournament unless there is a valid reason is not really team playing, and we are looking for people that want to play as a team :)
We have a very active Net Zero KP thread, we help out smaller cities, we do not do drama, sometimes our chat is full of chatter and jokes and sometimes we are quiet as a mouse. We have different timezones so someone should always be about.

If you play regularly, want a active FS, enjoying the team events then check us out!
Please contact a Mage if interested.


Hi! Just wanted to add.. if any small active FS is looking to merge we have space for a group of 5. Contact Nenett
Only rule we have is respect each other :)