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Cackleberries -lots of prizes but none of the stress!



I know lots of people just want to play their game in peace but you can do that and be part of a sucessful group.

A no rules fellowship that gets things done, prizes won and blue prints sorted, not because we have strict rules but because we all enjoy playing the game and are willing to make a fair contribution to team games.

We recently had some of our older players quite literally retire from the game (they made no secret of the fact that they were elderly drinking buddies in rl and so when one stopped, they all stopped) and so we have space for a small group to join us -would be perfect for a group of active players who have found themselves in a semi active fellowship and are looking to move.

We can offer -
At least ten chests every week, even with our numbers temporarily down.

The Net Zero AW trading system so you get out the same value as you donate, fair for everyone and not just the big guys who can afford huge donations.

All three maps in the FA so you get your special building upgrades every time. (our system means no drama and super easy planning)

Gold in the spire.... we were doing this every 4 to 5 weeks until our numbers went down. We give hugely helpful trades to make sure everyone gets as many diamonds as possible, even if we can't make gold at the moment.

We really don't mind small cities, they don't stay small for very long once we start helping them out.

Happy playing everyone