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Buildings not showing the upgrade-stages


Let's start with: I have already sent a ticket to support ;)
And I know it has also been reported on Discord, but since I'm a forum-fan, I am posting it here :p
The more reports by unique users the better I've heard, right?

Since the update yesterday, building-upgrades are no longer showing as upgrading (with scaffolding etc) to other people visiting a city, but they are showing as the level they're being upgraded to.
I had help from a fellow who started an upgrade for a small building and sent me a screenshot, that way I could show the difference with what I'm seeing when viewing their city. So this is the case:

It happens with all types of buildings, as I've also seen that I couldn't click on an AW although it seemed to be available for donations, but when I checked it with the AW-button in the menu, the AW was busy upgrading, which is why I wasn't able to click on it.