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Block speculators and rip-offs in the Trader.


It's a new year. But I'm still sick of seeing blatantly unfair trades being repeatedly 'offered' in the Trader. For those players who think this is perfectly acceptable, then fine, fill your boots.

I suggest that an option such as 'right-click-ignore' be added to the Trader so I can remove these pirates from my view, forever.


The players shown here have never offered a fair trade in their selfish gameplay, over the years. Perhaps they think their goods are better than everyone else's. There's a word for people like that. Being able to block their listings would remove a great deal of distress.


This sounds like a very good idea. I keep seeing grossly unfair trades being posted by the same people every day and I get really angry about it. I have also noticed one player who posts several fair trades and then adds unfair trades for the same goods at the end. The difference is not very big but the amounts would certainly add up over time. If you're accepting the trades its easy to click before you realise.


I actually enjoy that the ascended merchant only does 2star even trades.
No opportunity for the cheapskates to hope for a misclick.

I haven't noticed any corpses in the trader so I guess no-one has died from having to place a fair trade.
There's a lesson there ;)


An excellent idea. 1 click against the players name and all those annoying Trades blocking up your limited Trader view just disappear. Do we have to start a petition on the Forum/Social Media/Discord (not me!) to get the ball rolling?