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Block/hide unfair traders


I know this has been suggested before, but what the heck!

The game would be more pleasant if I there was a setting that allowed me to permanently block/hide/remove certain players from the Trader who only ever place unfair trades. Here's an example of such an individual:


One can easily see from the size of the trades that this particular player is advanced, with large quantities of goods. I don't even care why this player (and a few others like it) think their goods are more valuable than other people's. I just need to make them disappear from the Trader, forever!

On the plus side, the ability to offer my FS buddies 0-star trades is a nice feature to have.

I am just sick of seeing these Trader pirates taking the mickey. Give me a 'hide' or 'unfollow' option against their playername.

Providing this option by any time tomorrow would be acceptable!


Master of the Elements
Supply and demand. If her trades are being taken then there's nothing particularly wrong with her using 1 star trades as a tactic. Sometimes people are very impatient about wanting sentient goods immediately. They therefore take the price she has offered. That is free trade. Blame the impatient ones that take them.

What really grinds my gears is when someone throws in an absolutely mental trade in amongst a swathe of 2-star trades and the intention is to get someone to accidentally click it. That isn't cricket and should be outlawed. That is about the only type of trade that I would actually describe as "unfair".

So despite what I say, it would still be a great feature to allow you to block/ignore a player from your trader. It exists in the messaging system, so surely wouldn't be all that hard to code.


intention is to get someone to accidentally click it
Agreed. Anyone posting this type of sentient trade is:
1. At least chapter 12 so not a small city anymore
2. fishing for a mis-click or mis-tap
3. hopefully suffering from severe hay fever or similar malady :mad:



This is currently in my trader. I think I just pulled an eye-roll muscle :rolleyes:

But wait.......
Here's a proposal:
There is a place for 0/1* trades, especially when helping out a fellow or neighbour who needs goods for upgrades or tourney/spire bribing.
An additional tab in the trader where 0/1* trades are automatically sent would solve the problem.
You can still take these trades if you want to but you don't have to avoid them in the standard trade tab which would only have 2/3* trades.



I think the easiest way to deal with this would be a little drop down menu like we got in our inventory where we can choose to see just 3* or 2* or 1* or 0* trades. And it probably wouldn't involve too much coding.
But then again, as unfair (actually outrageous) as these offers are, since they are all stacked at the bottom of the list, for me it's not a major problem. I just check the trades until I come to the 1* ones and don't bother going lower than that.


a little drop down menu like we got in our inventory where we can choose to see just 3* or 2* or 1* or 0* trades.
That is yet another way to fix the issue. :)

You'd think that the devs could pick up on one of these proposed solutions and get rid of the smell of rotten trades. But they'd have to care first.