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Blessing of the Phoenix (new event)


A new Phoenix event has bene announced on Beta.
Just one thing that's not clear from the announcement but has been discovered by players: it seems it's a switchable building so you get to choose between mana, rangers, KPs and seeds/unurium (or other goods depending on chapter).

Blessing of the Phoenix - On Beta from February 14th​

In the heart of the desert, under the scorching sun, the Folk of Zaharim prepare for their most cherished event - the Blossoming of the Verdant Phoenix. As the day approaches, a young Zaharim herbalist stumbles upon a curious, vibrant green cactus unlike any other. She notices its peculiar, pulsating glow and feels an unexplainable energy emanating from it. Word spreads quickly through the Zaharim camp, igniting a mix of excitement and apprehension. The night before the Blossoming, the entire Folk of Zaharim gather around the mysterious cactus, which now stands tall and radiant under the starlit sky. As they watch in awe, the cactus begins to transform, revealing the magnificent Verdant Phoenix, its feathers a tapestry of lush greens and vibrant hues. However, the appearance of the Phoenix is just the beginning. The Zaharim soon discover that wherever the Phoenix flies, it leaves a trail of lush, blooming flora in the barren sands, turning parts of the desert into temporary oases. But with this sudden burst of life comes a challenge – the oases attract various desert creatures, some friendly, others not so much. As the Folk of Zaharim navigate this new bounty, they must balance their excitement with caution. Will they harness the blessings of the Verdant Phoenix to thrive, or will the sudden abundance prove too overwhelming for their desert haven? Join the event to find out and be part of the unfolding story of the Zaharim and the majestic Verdant Phoenix.

Main Prize: Verdant Phoenix with new pet effect!​

The new pet effect provides another means to get season petals. While active, Season Daily Chest gives additional petals. The main building produces Culture, Population, Rangers, Unurium, Mana, and Knowledge Points, depending on the building and evolution stage.

New Garden is coming!​

You will be able to acquire the beautiful Garden of Tales and Thorns buildings that produce Culture and Population. This event will also feature the Leagues system and the Royal Prize Pass.

Verdant Phoenix.png



This makes me think that it's a such a missed opportunity to give us a switchable building producing SF, CC, RRs and KPs. That way everyone gets to chose the type of good they lack the most at any particular moment. And it could have a feeding effect similar to the Raccoon: boost its own production for 36 hours :D


my 2 cents - the bird is beautiful and the productions are good.........UNLESS they plan on changing the rewards in the seasons to items of more rarity would I even consider using a pet food on this bird (sorry but he just may have to starve o_O)........and finally, I am just happy to see it's another event and not the dreaded FA :eek:


You would think that with all the screaming everyone is doing they would have ensured the new pet produces spell fragments as one of the options. They arent very on the ball are they!


Is there an option to use the artifacts from this event to craft ones for old phoenixes (or a tome)?
No such crafting options that I'm aware of @MinervaOz. Usually I wait until they appear in the normal crafting offerings. But it's very slow when you're waiting for a particular artefact. Also, the Spire prizes change regularly, so you may find the artefact you want there, some day. That is a slow process too. :cool: