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Bless your Troops and Bestow Spell Fragments Upon Them


This idea will present players with a choice:

A) Use Spell Fragments as they have been for crafting
B) Use Spell Fragments to "Bless" your troops with a powerful buff that lasts for only one encounter.
C) Do both and burn through fragments like crazy!

Have 5 squads of 1,000 troops? That's 5,000 spell fragments.

This should be an optional technology you research. The first research of this kind gives you the new building which is in a spoiler below.

Alternatively instead of putting these in the Chapters tech tree it can just be "unlocked" Via a "Tech Tree" accessed by clicking on the new building. Just add the new building as an additional benefit of an existing Chapter 1 Tech. (That way you don't have to redo all fo the art for the existing tech trees Inno. :))

The idea for all of these is to get an advantage and disadvantage.

Chapter 1-5 Tech Unlocks

Chapter 1 Tech "Throwing Knives":
(For Melee only, and not Cerberus .) Add +1 Range to Melee the first time they attack.
- This one doesn't have a drawback except that it's the only "one time use" ability.
- Applying the buffs additional times gives the melee unit an additional set of inscribed knives per fight.
Chapter 2 Tech "Glass Arrows": (For LR only) Units that are struck have accuracy lowered by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times.
- Becomes 15% at 2 star and 20% at 3 star.
- Downside is your other debuffs will not apply. Fights will thus drag on but it allows melee to sneak past heavies.
Chapter 3 Tech "Knowledge Pool":(For mages only) Add +1 Range for each friendly mage next to you.
- The downside is terrain may make this less effective.
Chapter 4 Tech: Stalwart Defender: (For Heavy Melee Only) Enimies may not target friendly units if a Heavy Melee is standing between the ally and the enemy.
- Natural downside is the perfect positioning required for this.
Chapter 5 Tech "Shrapnel ": Half of the damage dealt by Heavy Ranged is dealt to all units adjacent to the target.
- Upside is splash damage.
- Downside is that it is the only way for you to hurt your own troops.

Chapter 6-10 Tech Unlocks
Chapter 6 Tech: Dwarven Stout: Your troops gain Stone-like armor but have movement -1. Duration entire battle.

Chapter 7 Tech : Fairy Ward: Block the 1st magical attack used against the troop of an opponent with equal or lower stars than your troop.
- Additinoal Stars "raise" your Star Level
- Additional Enchantments "raise" your Star Level and Grant the Troop and additional Ward.
( So max is you can block 3 attacks to a single Unit.)

Chapter 8 Tech :Orcs and Goblins (Orcs): Your troops initiative increases when they are hit.
Orcs and Goblins (Goblins): Your troops have -1 Range but shrug off Debuffs
You don't get both of these. You choose one per squad. No point in stacking either but applying both may be useful depending on the battle.

Chapter 9: Wood Elves: Blessed Troops have a higher priority in battle but skip their second turn.
Chapter 9: Wood Elves: Your units may move over log terrain as if it were normal terrain.
You don't get both of these. You choose one per squad. No point in stacking either but applying both may be useful depending on the battle.

Chapter 10: Sorcerer's: +1 Range for mages but -X% Damage. This may seem redundant at later chapters but the other units already like this by default can get other blessings.

New Building
I agree with Gargon667 that a building is in order. Lorewise this is where you bless your troops. Of course adding a whole new system of splitting blessed vs unblessed troops is unneccessry. Think of it like the Builders Hut not like the Barracks. ; )

1. Add a new building with the idea being this is where the archmages, clerics, priests, sages and seers perform the incantation, blessing, or prayer.

2. The building could have 5 slots max for the blessings to be done. Building unlock and first slot comes from research. You use Diamonds to unlock slots 2-5 like Magical Academy or Builders Hut. Only have 1/5 Priests on retainer? You can only buff one troop in any fight then.

3. In later chapters the buildings can be "upgraded" where they get bigger at the benefit of accommodating Mana and Divine Seeds. Mana lets you apply the buff a second time per Troop. Divine Seeds let you apply a buff a 2nd and a 3rd time per troop.

How scaling works
Natural Troop Size Scaling: The base cost is 1 fragment per unit. So 1 Squad of 40 Cerberus would cost 40 Spell Fragments to Bless.
Star Power: If you have 500 Cerberus at 1 star it costs 500 Spell Fragments per blessing. If you have 500 Cerberus at 2 star it costs 1,000 Spell Fragments per blessing.
Combining Catalysts for "Stacking" effects: The first time you stack the same effect on the same troop it it costs the same +1 CC. The 2nd time it costs the same +2 CC.
(I don't actually want it to costs any CC but it might be a useful feature for the Devs to minimize impact during testing.)

Important Limitations
You cannot use more than X blessings Total per battle.
- I would recommend the Devs start at max 5 blessings per encounter and if they feel the Spell Fragments are limited enough and the effect allows incrase this as they feel comfortable.
- This is to keep any one effect from becoming too strong. So if you want to use Faerie Ward on your Heavy Melee 3 times then you only have 2 enchantments remaining fo the fight.
You cannot use more than 3 blessings on a single troop.
- This is to prevent trivializing the fight by making any one troop absurdly strong.
- Even if the Devs allowed 15 Blessings per encounter I don't think any troop should have the blessing more than 3 times.
The effect only lasts for one Encounter. Remember this just helps you get past bosses in Spire or eek out that 5th star for your last province of regular tournament.

The Incentives for Inno
- This can be used to drain both Spell Fragments and Combining Catalysts.
- Aids Player Retention: Once implemented Inno will have more development time before (some of) the players get "bored" between chapters.
- Added Game Appeal: This would suddenly take Elvenar from one of the worst strategy games for PvP to one of the best if small-scale 500v500 squad sizes were implemented.
- More Revenue: Item shop Diamond packages for Spell Fragments for real $$$ for the tournament players want to play PvP obsessively.
(Use 1 free tournament a week as the draw and the game play is deep enough to be the hook.)
- More Revenue Again Via 3D Artists: PvP Players love to "bling out" their troops. Imagine having the art team gain some serious $$$ for making alternative models for a Unit Type. Skeleton mages, Pumpkin mages, Orcs dressed like Santa Clause, lots of opportunities here.

The benefits for players
- This gives players incentive to build Training Grounds ASAP. As is a lot of players skip it for quite some time.
- This gives players a reason to use 2 star troops over 3 start troops more often. More diversity in useful choices = more fun. Especially mobile players are suffering right now.
- PvP mode can be used by players who normally check in once a day as something fun to do on the weekends.
- It allows you to save time instants for things besides restocking troops at the cost of Spell Fragments.
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I personally love the idea :)

Especially the 1 fight only buff is a great idea! It can be somewhat powerful then as long as it costs a serious amount of SF. Also staggering it by the amount of your own troop size is a great idea, that way early tourney fights would be cheap to buff, while the later ones would be more expensive.

The one down side: Most people already now don´t understand how fighting works, this would add another whole level for them to mess up.

Well and the fact that they would have to completely recode the entire game related to fighting (nothing anywhere close to this exists in the game so far), it would be a major project for something that would be a fun addon for nerds.

A somewhat smaller (but more realistic?) version of the same would be to only use buffs already in use. Like damage and HP modifiers. Especially if you don´t make it ever changing. Just one building that you can "Pet feed" (old code) with SF instead of actual Pet Food. The effect would be "improve your damage x% and decrease your hitpoints x% (all code is already in existance) for the next fight.
Also I would change the introduction from research in chapter 18+ (there will not be added research in lower chapters than that) to a building that can be acquired by anyone. either crafting (it could also be another 5-day building) or as a event grand prize (instead of the usual set/evolving building)


Wow Anonglitch that's amazing! :D

There are some ways to help Inno recoup development time and implement more levers to control this feature.

I agree with Gargon667 that a building is in order. I have added a spoiler with the building basics. Note that it gives Inno another thing players can pay diamonds to get slots 2-5.
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I have given some chapter 1-5 suggestions. The originals I think are more suited to Chapter 6-10.

The way I arranged them chapters 1-5 are unit type specific and chapters 6-10 are for any unit type unless specified.