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Bleak Friday!!! Discussion Thread

Sir Derf

Yeah, it took me a while, too...

I still have no idea what a DOF POET has to do with Elvenar, but what else could FOP TOED anagram to...


Working on the last one now, pen and paper I find the best way if I don't spot them easily. The last in the list also, will post my entry when I get it.


Luckily for me I spotted 1 small typo in my submission while still able to edit, could have been embarrassing lol :eek:


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Forum Competition Closed!
We will check for winners and deliver some :diamond: :diamond: soon!


Thank you very much for the interesting competition and the wonderful prize (I really struggled with one answer, but everything that is easy is not very interesting and then there is no great joy when you come to the solution) Congratulations to all the other winners - I'm sure they enjoyed it as much as I did , especially while reading @Sir Derf's comments ♥


***Public Service Announcement***

If TOES remain FOPy for more than 4 hours, contact Support.
A generous application of snood can bring some relief.