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Black Friday


I save diamonds the whole year to be able to buy expansions as I have three cities to cater to. That will teach me to start more than one city lol


Maybe before New Year
I see you didn't specify which one.
Good move ;)



Ever wondered why the economy is in a mess and cost-of-living is soaring?
@SkyRider99 ... Nope. And seeing as John Maynard Keynes merely put into publication, around 400 years ago, that which had been known for millennia by economists (formerly known by other, and frequently more pejorative, descriptors...), I doubt that the global top echelon financiers are wondering much, either.

NB : Knowing why something is happening doesn't imply that it should be... :/

Meanwhile, back on-topic : I actually HAD the Carnival Set, pushing 5 years ago, in my first and long-abandoned City on Fel... it's my joint favourite Set, along with Woodelvenstock. And I, too, have since then been hoping to see both Sets again, although of course not in exchange for enough real money to buy a near-new gaming console, or 3-10+ (@Steam Black Friday prices) AAA fully purchased PC games... or a month's worth of food for a small family.

Moving swiftly on from the above cynical outburst, I think the best chances of seeing the best old Sets again in the Cities of Elvenar's non-Rockefellers will be:

1. Via Seasons Rewards (I've got a couple of Woodelvenstock pieces already that way); and

2. After the Sets' Seasons appearances, by waiting until those who will pay cash already have, so trying for our Diamonds may well come next.

And I also wonder, sometimes, about future incentives perhaps being offered to encourage more FSs to [enthusiastically/competitively] play FAs, which many late-game players now largely leave to the experts, as well as (in the very long term, maybe?) what, if any, ideas Inno may have for future novel rewards in the Spire's inevitable extension by +1 Floor or more, whenever that happens.

Predictable and near-ubiquitous mobile game financing/incentive strategies are, well, exactly that... so here's hoping! But much patience will surely be needed... ^_^