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BETA - Changes to Crafting Mystery Object


TODAY'S UPGRADE IN BETA SERVER - this change will perhaps appear in the Live Worlds next week.
Only three Spectral Stones - still not excessively generous!
Rather like offering a bowl of peanuts to the guests at a party - and saying 'you can only take one'.
A step in the right direction though...

UPDATE: They have apparently changed the make up of the mystery object, with more combinations, so your overall chance of winning Diamonds is less: it was 4x20% + 1x30% per 10 objects; now it is 2x10% + 2x20% per 10 objects

Dear Humans and Elves,
Today's update includes the following content:


  • The rewards in the Mystical Object in Crafting have been updated.
    In addition to the rewards that were available before, you will now find Spectral Stones and Unit Instants in Mystical Objects from time to time. Also, the available buildings have been replaced with a new selection of returning event buildings.
Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team

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What this announcement doesn't mention is that the chances to get diamonds will be reduced (as players from beta have found out).
It was 4x20% + 1x30% per 10 objects.
It will be 2x10% + 2x20% per 10 objects.

The diamond thing aside, I like that we are finally getting new things in the M.O. and I'm especially happy to see the Glossy Gardens in the lot since it's another building I always wanted in my city plus it's very good for pop IIRC :)