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Baroness Estrella's Masquerade


Master of the Elements
I am not sure if this counts as an "idea or suggestion". More of a request, for what that's worth.

There was a "set" of sorts. I used the inverted commas because they just fit together. There was no set bonus. It was "The Great Festivity of Mendaci" (or some such) set. I think it was one of the nicest little pieces in the game, if like me you enjoy all those kind of gardens and fountains type of things. Anyway, this goes back to before when there was any such thing as a royal restoration spell, so I ended up deleting it. Ever since then I have been wishing it would make a reappearance.

So imagine my joy when, 3 or 4 months ago, one half of this set popped up as a random prize (I think it was in the season thing). I got it and figured now I am just waiting on the other half appearing, but it never did.

The missing half is called Baroness Estrella's Masquerade, as in the subject heading. Here is what it all looked like together:

Screenshot 2024-05-11 171050.png

It is the left hand piece that I am waiting for.

So my idea/suggestion/request is - Please can you ask the powers that be to make this appear again. We seem to have the same things over and over and over again, that I have no interest in, like Cosy Farm, or things that I already have, like Menhirok's Barrow. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think this building has ever made a second appearance.


I had this 'set' also @Pauly7. I really liked the look. I finally sold it off (before teleport spells). I won the main building again just recently, and it's gathering dust in my inventory. Perhaps waiting for the second set piece? :cool:


Master of the Elements
Many thanks. I know that not every building can be brought back, but it just seemed to me that if they're going to give out one half, it'd be nice to give the other.


Master of the Elements
Reminds me why I put the Hungry Treasure next to the Cake Stalls....I guess I am not the only one with these preferences
I love those little building combinations. Like, really early on, if you have an elf city you can set up marble manus so it looks like one rock monster is digging a hole and the next one is chucking rocks back into it. There was also a really cool set up at around chapter 15 when the (human) marble manus looked like everything was moving along on canals. If you set them up just right they all looked connected. Oh, and there's something really fun you can do where the shaft of light shining through the Oracle of Fortune AW will connect up with the rainbow coming out of Menhirok's Barrow.

Anyway, though, in the case of The Great Festivity of Mendaci, Inno always intended them as a set. Both buildings were won together at the end of a mini 10 day event (I think), and the marketing showed them together like in the picture above.