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Avariel of Toril


Greetings from the winged elves of the forest.
We are Avariel of Toril, and you can find us on En1 Arendyll.

We are currently looking for an elf with a score of 300K+ and boosts of steel and crystal to join in the fun and help us progress. We are proud of our achievements (current rank is 12), and hope to go even further with the help of our new member. We encourage participation in the Spire and Tournaments, where we are getting 10+ chests weekly. We also participate in the Fellowship Adventures, but try to leave stress out of it (as much as possible lol).

We ask that our members make a minimum of 3 visits per week.
We enjoy the game, and each other’s participation.
If you are interested, then please contact Lady Ariana.


Nowadays it's so hard to get new fellows which are active and team players ... asking only for elves, pretty high ranked and only certain boosted goods you are really narrowing the chances to get good players. Just my thought.
Good luck :)