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Are we the right fellowship for you?

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Deleted User - 850056281

PORTAL fellowship in Arendyll is looking for active players who enjoy participating in:
  • Tournament
  • Spire
  • Fellowship Adventures
  • Giving daily neighbourly help
and LOVES winning lots of prizes !

We just completed a 10 chest tourney and are feeling ever so pleased with our blueprint

The current tourney strategy is to have a planned 10 chest run on the tourney every few weeks, so that gives us time to build troops and goods or participate in spire. We all play the tourney weekly, up to the level manageable at the time. Aim for 1000+ tourney points.

We will play the next Fellowship Adventure and even if you don’t have any / a little FA experience - this will be the perfect place for you to learn at an easier pace.

PORTAL is a friendly, chatty and helpful fellowship, looking to strike a balance between having fun, playing a bit harder when needed and being active daily.

Our players are located all over the world, maybe even one on every continent at this stage :) so whenever you are online, from wherever you are, someone may be in the chat to say hello to you.

The size of city or your ranking is not important, only your enthusiasm for the game matters…

PORTAL is a great home for new players with smaller cities (under 100000 ranking points) to start, learn and grow. We all grow stronger together if your city grows too :)

Our Archmage is very active, and present in the chat daily as real life allows. She has played this game for more than 3 years and has cities in all 3 worlds.

In PORTAL you will get experienced players’ advice but without some of the pressure as may be the case in a big fellowships.

We offer:
  • a city optimisation review if you want,
  • active Ancient Wonders KP swap threads (100, 50, 30, 20, 15, 10)
  • 10 FREE daily KP for ancient wonder swaps
  • general game strategy discussion
  • fighting strategy mentoring and
  • goods boosts for small cities.
If you're interested in joining us or have any questions, please contact me or our friendly and very supportive Archmage (Marun) in game.

Our vision is to support smaller cities with very active players who are keen to grow and play together as a strong team.

We would love to meet you !

BlueSkyRaven (- you can call me SKY for short )

PORTAL fellowship on Arendyll, EN1 server

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Deleted User - 850056281

That sounds quite discouraging.. yes the AW blunder caused a massive exodus :/
One idea, @SkyRider99 you could merge with our FS ? Most active players only, we have a mix of city sizes.
we are quite a chatty bunch :)
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One idea, @SkyRider99 you could merge with our FS ?
Thanks for your kind offer @BlueSkyRaven, but I have 19 active members, with some high scoring cities. I would be very happy to have you and five of your fellowship join us though. :)

We get 11+ tournament chests every week, and a gold Spire every few weeks.


Thanks again for your friendly words. :)