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Ancient Wonders Survey


We now have an "end of game" and/or "end of chapter" triple
  • Tournaments generate additional Relics/KPs/Runes
  • Ancient Wonders convert Runes/Relics/KPs into permanent buffs
  • The Magic Academy converts Relics into temporary buffs (spells)
What else are you going to do while your tech tree is maxed out, or while you're unlocking the Advanced Scouting chest for the next chapter?
^^ you can also add battle encounters provide relics per battle now

But it still costly to build as it seems to be consuming more of my boosted relics...:(


Once you've got the Lighthouse and the Mountain Halls, the rest are just filler.
Prosperity Towers is half decent though, but I wouldn't miss it if I binned it.


The thrones of Man is not a bad choice if you want to climb up.
There are also AW providing better trades, faster training speeds etc.

Too many AW now that takes up space.... Would have been nice if all these AW were to be compiled into 1 Holy Grail that is applicable to fellowship members. ^^