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Ancient wonders points from other fellowships

Silly Bubbles

My own opinion: I don't think it's mean because if we go down using negative labels, it could be called greedy wasting chests that someone else could benefit from and it doesn't cost you anything. Also, it can be easily avoided by letting your fellows to have the chest and you end up having 1kp free.


No trolls here I think. But don't loiter under any bridges, just to be safe. :)

I kinda' agree with @Silly Bubbles. Whilst it is a bit irksome to see some measly 1kp appear on an AW, it is fairly easy to send a chat message to your FS and offer them the opportunity to get a reward chest instead. :cool:

Worst case scenario: You get a free KP. And when you eventually upgrade the AW in question their mean spirited contribution vanishes in the mists of time.

Lady Monica

Silly bubbles
Thank you for your opinion. I agree to disagree.
To reply Why do people place 1kp? They do it to get a free chest. And the people that do this are not new players. I would not mind if they were young players who are not experienced in the game. The ones that do it are over 1 mill points. And it may not cost me anything but it takes up a chest that could go to one of my team.
Once again thank you for your opinion

Lady Monica

Sky rider thank you for your opinion. It is not only irksome it happens continuously with these people. I just wish people would concentrate on their own fs and use there kps for their fs.
But as always thank you for your opinion. It is appreciated


I agree with @Silly Bubbles and @SkyRider99
If your fellows add 2kp to your AW then the singles will get bumped off the chest rewards and the lowest fellow will get a 5kp chest so still make a 'profit on investment'.
It is something you can "manage/control" to a degree.

Silly Bubbles

but it takes up a chest that could go to one of my team

It only takes a chest away if your fellows give only 1kp after the outsider did. As @Jake65 said if you start giving 2kps it will fix the problem and nobody's at a loss as you still help each other equally (you lose 1kp extra when you give 2kps and gain 1kp extra when you receive 2kps from your fellows). If you really want to keep it fair and eliminate outsiders, you can match the actual chests values with your fellows.



Slight lag in the system!


so what exactly is your suggestion/idea?

I can reply based on what others are replying but not sure thats on topic.

I personally love it when a stranger gives me free kp in one of my ancient wonders, they will hardly ever get away with a profit tho since i just let others donate more kp then that player so they are off with a loss. But hey that way i got some free kp that made me level my wonder faster, perfect right? Sometimes players donate more then they will receive back from the chests, thats because they want to get runeshard of the wonder, in those cases I'm totally understanding of that, but i give no guarantees that they will eventually get the runeshards, if they didnt contact me about it.