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An opportunity to join our winning team


I agree with everything above, but would also add that some of you out there often wish that you could be in the top 10, 20, 30 individually at the end of tournament, or up there for a while at least, and not seeing your name up there?

However, you might find yourself in a fellowship that never or rarely gives full value for your own effort by way of rewards, perks, blueprints or other fellowship support.

If that is so, contact the "Warrior Owls" and recieve the appropriate rewards for your endeavours. The fellows that you will play alongside you will take it in turns hitting the top 10, top 20 allowing you the opportunity to develop your city. We take great joy in building our fellows and watching them blossom, especially those with really pretty blue ears, :)

Surely you can score 5K a week, or you wouldn't even be looking for a better place to invest them. The Spire is surely where you look for timers and armour?

Why be a better player in a poor fellowship? Would you like to see what it is like to be on the winning side, hit that golden buzzer?

It's easier than it looks, dare yourself to be greater.

Twiggy (mage contacts are as above post), x


I'm a very bad Owl, apparently. Sorry. We are in fact the Warlord Owls, (not the Warrior Owls) and if any of you have ever watched "the life of Brian" you will understand how these accidents happen. And anyone applying to the "Warrior Owls", please don't do it again.

Again, we in the "Warlord Owls", will consider your applications if you look attractive. But why not give it a try? Twiglet, :)
March week 3.

We were the only team to take Spire gold and all 19 chests on EN2-Winyandor. We may be slightly bonkerso_O - it seems to help - but we remain one of the top 10 scoring Fellowships in the World - with only 23 players. What are you waiting for ?
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