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Amalthea seeing new active members. New players or old.

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Hey there. My roommate and I started playing Elvenar a month or two ago and we're totally hooked. Two friends have joined us and we have a small but active fellowship. At least the two of us are on multiple times every single day. We're looking for more people who enjoy this game to play and chat with.

We have a decent spread of goods already, so any specialty would be great. (though we somehow always seem to need marble, crystals, and gems!)

Please check out "Esper" or "MyLaura55" in game. Sending a message to either of us will be quickly read and replied to and an invite will follow if you're so inclined!

We would love to help new members and get tips and tricks from older members. Anyone is welcome as long as you're active, friendly, and do 2-3 star trades. Thanks a lot for reading, have a great one!
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