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Allegiant Galaxy *REC (EN2 - Winyandor)


Hi here folks,
We've been an established fellowship for a while now,
but have recently lost a few members due to this "real life" thing that people keep talking about. : )

We understand that the game comes second to that, so we wish them well.. but this means that you could find a new home with us!

Until recently we have been getting 10 chests in Tournaments, and occasionally silver in Spire.
We are happy to invest in new players who log on and check-in with neighbourly help regularly,
and can boost newer players with uneven trades from time to time.
We like to chat socially and share in-game tips and support, and silly games.

As we have players from all over the world (from Scotland to New Zealand), there is generally someone about to help with strategy and trades.

Feel free to message me for a chat and invite.



Hi folks, it's been another season, and we have seen some players come and go. Currently we are seriously short-handed but still feisty and plugging along.

This might be a good opportunity for a merger with members of a smaller aspiring Fellowship, or for unbound players who are keen to move to a fellowship with regular players and a lot of knowledge.

We would really like to get our numbers up so 10th chest in tourney is not a struggle.

Feel free to check out our stats and message me in you're interested!