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Age of elves


Age of elves(rank 16-Level 8) is looking for active players,who like to participate in fs events.
What we offer:
*We do 13 chests in every tourney
* Finish all stages in FA every time(best place in FA:rank 13)
*1 bronze-89 silver-5 gold trophies so far in spire(aiming for the gold more often)
*Daily neighbourly help
*Fair trades(2-3*),usually taken within minutes
*We are global,so no problem finding someone to help you
*Drama free play!
*No standard minimum point reqs in tourneys or spire,but you have to participate in both;)
Join us and you won't regret it!:)
(check elven stats for more fs details or search me in game)
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With our new friends I mentioned above, we are doing even better in tournaments. We are growing really fast, we will get better results in no time. 6 chests was our standart a little time ago. Now it seems we will get 8th at least. Come join us, contribute tournaments and soon together we get 9 chests every tournament. We aim 10 chests as we grow up.



Well, we did better than I thought. I assume our standart will be 8 chests per tournament. Join us if you do well in tournaments and do neighbourly helps. Let us get 10th chest together. ♥