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Active Ones: We’re recruiting!


We’re looking for 3 new active members to join our fellowship. We’re an active fellowship which do daily fellowship visits, participate in tournaments (you’ll at least get to chest 6 every week), chat a lot and don’t like drama. We even have a few members that live in Elvenar.

We rely heavily on fellowship 2 star trades and want a balanced fellowship; therefor we’re looking for new members that meet the following requirements:

1. A member that are active and do daily visits,

2. specialise in their boosted goods and relies on trades for other goods,

3. have a city value of around 10k to 20k points,

4. are actively participating in tournaments.

If you’re interested or have any questions, contact me.

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I think I meet your criteria, and my boosted are Marble, Crystal and Elix. I am an ambassador, but dont expect that right away. I like to trade, which is one reason I need to move, as I am not growing through lack of trade. I will only move if my boosteds are needed...dont see the point if you already have an influx. I am quite new to the game, but love to learn and enjoy being a team player.especially NH..;love collecting all the loot lol. I am in the UK, so dont know how that will work with your teamies and the time diff. Wait to hear from you. Balloo