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AbunDance♫ is currently recruiting active team players. Join our fun loving international fellowship as we play, joke and grow our cities.

♫AbunDance♫ is currently recruiting active team players. Join our active international fellowship as we play and grow our cities. While our fellowship is ranked 328 in points we are ranked 211 in Fellowship Adventures and 78 in the Spire of Eternity.
New players are welcome upon the competition of Chapter 1.
Members are expected to provide neighbourly help and take part in Fellowship Adventures, Tournaments, Spire and share in the prizes to advance our cities
We are a fair trade fellowship except to provide assistance for new players. We encourage members to focus on boosted goods and trade for other goods as as needed.
If you have questions about the game you are encouraged to ask
If you are interested please contact Valenoria, Farseer, Traceth or rock stream
Come and enjoy the fun in a great fellowship.


"Dance like no one is watching because its aBunDance♫"
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