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ability to move expanses

hi. first off really enjoying the game.
Just a suggestion, how about the ability to move expanses once they have been earned. This would greatly enhance the game play.


Don’t think they will ever give us that, although many have wished for it. Part of the challenge and strategy of the game. Most go for a square layout, rather than just adding on where it is most convenient at the time of obtaining the expansion.
I was thinking more of being able to move the expanse with everything on it intact so you could redesign your city without that tedious process of trying to delete pathways you cant even see anymore and shuffling everything 1 square at a time to get a building to the other side of the city. lets face it its not really a challenge or something needing strategy to do its just as i said . tedious but ah well , i guess we can dream right :)

Sir Derf

I don't know about you, but my city layouts tend not to be built out of discrete 5x5 zones.

I think we should all be grateful that our citizens of Elvenar have the innate ability to levitate whole buildings. It could have been that we would have needed to slide buildings around like a giant Magic 15 puzzle.

Sir Derf

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