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A Wing and A Prayer


Do you want learn how to play Elvenar well? If you are already lost, we will explain it all, teach you how to play the game well, and help you to advance quickly.

We are a new Fellowship founded by experienced players who are looking to help new players develop and understand the game. We are looking for some similarly seasoned players, but mainly smaller cities who want to develop and grow.

Here are our guidelines
  • Visits : at least 5 per week, daily where possible,
  • Trades : Fair trades only and no cross trading.
  • Manufactories : Only build boosted manufactories, except for FA's and other quests.
  • Tournaments : Tournament strategy will develop as we recruit new members.

Don’t wait, apply today - message W4tch3r and Joemork in-game

Duke Will

Hi. I'm looking for a new more active fellowship to join... Boosted goods are Planks, Silk & Dust. Current score is only 13781 - I'm still a fairly new player