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A FUN use of City (Inner?) Outskirts


I see an enormous opportunity to use the space around the city (inner outskirts?) to introduce some really fun interactions for various events within the game

To try to illustrate the idea, and as only one suggestion, I think it would be really fun and interesting to use the inner outskirts to visualise the
next guest race entering the city using the paths to the "North-West" and "South East" of the city, where they could begin to occupy that land outside the city
We might see them work, play, interact and engage in a myriad of activities in the time leading up to their entry to the city, and therefore get a greater sense
of what that Guest Race will bring to our cities

A visual introduction would be a really fun way to learn about the next Guest Race (or any other event, for that matter)
Personally, I would become more invested in the Guest Race and be inspired to get into the chapter asap
I think it would provide a greater level of anticipation and eagerness to work towards the next chapters being able to visualise them
It could demonstrate an eagerness of the guest race to want to come to my city, which I would, in turn, embrace and be encouraging of
We could learn about them by seeing them interact and undertake activities specific to their culture and the types of activities in which they take part
Maybe they could build a 'tent city' and gradually build in size by building structures which showcase their respective traits and cultures
For example, perhaps the dwarves would start digging a mine, or the ammuni, a pyramid or two
Perhaps they could showcase an AW relevant to the chapter or a representation of its' specific value
Perhaps they could have market gardens or game fields or whatever other activities which would give interest and insight as to that particular RACE or EVENT

DEETS (mainly for Guest Races)
You might start the visualization as the first KP is dropped into the LAST technology of the previous chapter
They could start to move into the city using the pathways shown below, in a similar fashion as the current Guests move around within the city
They could begin to congregate and build in the areas between the city, and the area used to crash items into the outskirts during events


They could start to get 'settled' and undertake various activities within this area gradually getting larger
They might even begin to construct their side of the upcoming PORTAL as a means to eventually enter the city
Entering the city might then be triggered when the player has built their complimentary PORTAL, activating the wormhole providing entry
They might then enter the city using the paths from the PORTAL into the city and move about as normal
We might even see their number diminishing along with the dismantling of their constructions, for a short period following their entry to the city

Perhaps these areas might also be a dual occupancy for the Guest Races and Event themes
For example,
A Phoenix hatchery allowing them to fly over the city (Gathering of the Phoenix)?
Or an actual Sorcerers Pilgrimage to the city
The area could then also be used as the access point to spend event currency on the chests, etc

Better still, the area could be used for GUEST RACE specific interactive events (similar to the SPIRE) where players could engage in activities
specific to the GUEST RACE, perhaps even winning RACE specific buildings or other prizes to use in their cities

Anyway, I just thought that the area could be used for so much more, and whether it is for any of the reasons above isn't really my point
I guess my suggestions revolved around the utilization of the area to provide a greater interactivity within the game, and potentially a
greater investment into the additional Guest Races and various events which arrive from time to time

Greater fun and reasons to be involved are really the inspiration for the idea, more than anything


What if you have no intention of entering the next chapter? These poor people could be hanging around outside for a long long time, expecting to get in!


What if you have no intention of entering the next chapter? These poor people could be hanging around outside for a long long time, expecting to get in!
especially in winter those poor guys would be sitting in the snow until next spring lol.