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Ancient Wonders 3 favorite ancient Wonder

When we jump "ancient wonder help" ..... see attached picture

we will always have 3 ancient wonder display with "favorite AW" in the 1st place

The reason why we have "favorite AW", player is hard to locate other player AW in the forest of building
In order to allow player to find AW, "favorite AW" is developed

the reason why we searching AW in another player's city
it is usually we need to find it becos of the "kp swap", we need to find it and "donate the agree kp into that AW"

(a) some player has 2 AW raise simualtaneously
(b) some player has his "favorite AW" will be fill-up in 1 of kp swap, he is also name another AW as 2nd AW in other "kp swap"

so player is still trying to search that AW in player city or ..use mouse to drag AW in "ancient wonder help"

I think it is better to allow player to select 3 "favorite AW", it will help player to get into AW to do "kp swap" much more faster



I hope all are aware that you can scroll to the right on those 3 pictures. All the AWs of the player are displayed and very easy to go and click on the desired one. No need to visit cities anymore. Caught me out at first, lol.


As @BlueBlou says, you don't need to go searching in cities. Just click the AW icon. If the one you are looking for is not "favourited" then just scroll to the right until you see it (all others will be displayed in the order that they became available to build).


I guess not many will keep their 3 favorites updated (maybe not even the one we have now). This will probably lead to more confusion than it helps anyone. Not worth the programming effort in my opinion.


Sure I perosnally would use it if it was there, but my Sunday isn´t spoiled if it never comes through. Much more important things to work on.