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2 small improvements?


Two proposed small improvements(if possible):
1.At the notifications menu,you can split it in two sub-tabs,one for the help we receive and one for the rest.That way,we can access the players that helped us much faster,instead of searching 10 pages.
2.In the buildings menu,you can add up right corner of each building a number of how many of these buildings we have currently in our cities.So we know exactly what we have built and how many of them.:)
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Small improvements can hugely improve the quality of the game. I haven't noticed those changes you mentioned yet but they sound really good. I for one appreciate the change on the mobile where I can rest my workshops and manufactories all in one "round" without having to click in and out of each one.


Totally agree with the splitting of notifications - visits get lost when you do a lot of trading (which we are encouraged to do!).