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Recent content by Targanielle

  1. The Elven Outcasts - small but active fellowship seeking new members

    The Elven Outcasts is a friendly fellowship of mid to smaller players whose aim is to have fun whilst growing together and learning along the way. We regularly obtain 6 boxes in the tournaments despite having only 6 participating members and in the two FAs we have participated in so far we have...
  2. Question Event quests locked every day

    Well, I haven't been playing for years and didn't do anything different this event to the last one. But I'll take your word for it.
  3. Moonstone Library Changes just announced in Beta

    Yes well as I said I'm not in a position to do much in the spire yet. Nor over the past few weeks have I got many fragments from it on the levels I can manage. But it's good news if they are not removing the spell fragments.
  4. Question Event quests locked every day

    Oddly enough I did not have this problem in the last event and completed my Tides building with no issues like this at all. What has changed this time is being locked out on a daily basis for over a week now. It feels like we are penalised for participation.
  5. Moonstone Library Changes just announced in Beta

    TBH I'd rather have it as it is now. Yes, scrolls are my boosted goods but I like the extra I get from the Moonstone Library including the Endless Scrolls part and won't be happy if I lose that in favour of something else I can already trade for. I get plenty of silk from my Tides building and...
  6. Question Event quests locked every day

    That's OK (if far from ideal) as far as levelling up the red panda goes, but it doesn't help with the daily prizes, does it. And yet again the event is locked for me, so I have had one try only to get a daily prize. Those are usually what makes the events worthwhile.
  7. Question Event quests locked every day

    For about the last week I have been able to do a total of 1 event quest a day, after that it is locked until the following day. This has meant that I have one chance at the daily prize, maybe two if I am lucky and have enough keys with the addition of the daily 35 or win keys on the game itself...