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  1. Paladestar

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Oh, my sweet summer child...
  2. Paladestar

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    When I was progressing this chapter it stood out to me that there were a lot of 20 diamond quests throughout the chapter. So it seems that they spread the quest reward diamonds out over multiple quests this chapter, instead of having one quest at the end that rewards 200 as they have in the past.
  3. Paladestar

    Please Nerf multi-Bears/Phoenix stackability, not fair for the game.

    I completely agree with this too, as someone with two brown bears. No Evolving buildings with a feeding effect should have been allowed to be gained more than once.
  4. Paladestar

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    It's probably so that people keep their same number of each province type scouted/completed. Like if you had 40 Marble scouted and 20 Planks and you got moved to an area where it became 20 Marble and 40 Planks, you'd have missed out on the potential to gain more Planks relics, not that this...
  5. Paladestar

    Market improvement

    It's all relative. The problem is that at late game you make a lot of goods and so you have a lot of goods to trade. Right now I have about 400 million T1, T2 and T3 combined. We can only place 60 trades at any given time. I try to trade in as small stacks as I can, but the problem is that I...
  6. Paladestar

    Building upgrade suggestion

    They'd need to render new images. Just flipping the existing building renderings would have the pre-rendered shadows on the wrong side, any logos or text on buildings would also be the wrong way around etc.
  7. Paladestar


    This. I do this about once a month, usually during an FA for all the :coin: sacks! :D
  8. Paladestar


    We've been asking for this simple and hugely beneficial change for ages! Alas, no joy yet. :( It got even worse with the merchant trade model introduced in chapter 18!
  9. Paladestar

    Question Orcs, what are you doing?

    Have you noticed that it doesn't actually take any strawberries to make the strawberry beer? Orcs go in, never to be seen or heard from again, then strawberry beer comes out... I wonder what the process could be?
  10. Paladestar

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    Nope, before we got the streamlined NH method in the full browser version of the game, I'd always use the app for doing NH and sometimes I'd accidentally click on the option to create a new city on a different realm, instead of selecting the realm that my existing city was on. If I then...
  11. Paladestar


    I hope you didn't buy diamonds via the app! You get less diamonds for your money as Google/Apple take an unfairly large cut of the transaction. It's better for both you and Inno if you can log into the browser version of the game and buy diamonds there instead.
  12. Paladestar

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    On my other account I had a problem with my main city. So, using the same account, I created a new city on a different realm just to open a ticket on behalf of my main city. 20 months later that second city is still listed every time I log in. I've not even done anything with it except log a...
  13. Paladestar

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Yes, the merchant design has a big flaw. People who have the boost for the most scarce ascended-good type don't have to bother spending coin on unlocking merchants, as there's always pages of offers listed for them to just take what they need. These lucky people not posting merchant trades...
  14. Paladestar

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Well, yeah, all things relative, but 8-10h of boosters per day isn't a lot to me. :)
  15. Paladestar

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    The biggest 'FU' was making the full queue on the level 4 portal 2 hours long. Aside from that, with three of each hub type and the whole settlement at maximum level you create enough medals to make 60 badges per day. Just do one batch of elementals (8 hours) overnight whilst you sleep and...