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Recent content by Gramps

  1. The Elephenar

    Elraiser - not a hooligan but someone who builds random buildings on unused squares one building per week or month
  2. Question how do you finish the quest first training when you need boosters?

    You get them from tournaments or as rewards. To use go to your inventory and then look on the instants tab. Click on it and then follow instructions. Or go to your training and click the green icon and select the booster you want to use.
  3. Answered day and night farm

    Didn't give me option to discard. Had to leave it for days until I could upgrade portal and collect
  4. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    82 hours scout time! I thought I had to wait forever at 19hrs so puts it into perspective lol.
  5. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Just click on it to claim as long as the fog has been dispersed otherwise use a candle to clear the fog and then claim
  6. Ability to buy supplies

    Apologies if this has been covered but couldn't find a thread. Would be nice to be able to buy supplies directly or from wholesaler at times. Especially for new players until workshops established.
  7. You know you've played too much Elvenar...

    That's why it's magic!
  8. Answered Glitch or development

    Just noticed I can now train in barracks, mercenary camp and training camp at the same time - is this new or a glitch?
  9. Answered Gingerbread house

    Be nice if we could trade artefacts as I have a few that are no use to me
  10. Answered Gingerbread house

    Mine is at level 8 - will the opportunity to evolve it come again?
  11. Answered Enchantments?

    Still struggle with the ensorcelled endowment as it appears to only work if someone offers neighbourly help to the same building once applied.
  12. Answered Tree Gum

    It's a reward in events or in the spire of eternity, when you complete a chest
  13. Answered Spire of eternity

    Thanks everyone. Much appreciated and will check the suggested link
  14. Answered Spire of eternity

    Sorry if these have been asked/answered already but I have looked and couldn't find anything Is it better to fight or negotiate in the spire? Ie which works out cheaper. Is there a pattern to negotiating - do certain types of spirit always want the same goods?
  15. A game should be fun ... this has become just a chore.

    Must admit as a newcomer (6 months) I like tournament changes and can now get much further without severe losses. FA chests have gotten worse though and third chest rewards are rubbish if you already have all the tokens.