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Recent content by Gargon667

  1. Gargon667

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    Maybe to encourage people to sell more of their junk they keep around all the time? "Good job! You just improved your city by selling old junk!"
  2. Gargon667

    Question Sentient Goods v Standard Goods

    1 or 2 Sentient factories (marble in your case) will be enough depending on how you play. Start with adding 1 and see how it goes (it should be OK if you are not in a hurry), if you want to play faster add 2. How many plank factories you should keep has nothing to do with the sentient...
  3. Gargon667

    FA - path block option?

    If you ask me you should make that 5. Sounds like a FS you´d better be rid of, join one that values its members and their contributions. We always have all 25 towns on every map. And waiting for everybody to make it onto the map is the deciding factor how long it takes us to finish each maps...
  4. Gargon667


    Ha what a small world, one of my fav bands a good 20 years ago :D But they used to sing in German back then ...
  5. Gargon667


    Lol is that a saying where you come from? I like it, I might adopt it :D
  6. Gargon667

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    I can´t make the road deleting work at all or maybe I am just to dumb for it. Not sure... I can swipe over roads, but it doesn´t delete them...
  7. Gargon667

    Battle Improving battle: a terrain heads-up?

    Nice idea! Not sure how it would tecnically work on a small phone screen though. But it sure would help a lot with auto-fighting on the phone if they could make work :) For manual battles on the PC it would also make things a bit quicker...
  8. Gargon667

    Open Panda bear evolving instants missing

    you don´t actually need to see them, just go to the bear and click the evolve button?
  9. Gargon667

    New Game Features Announcement of Chatbox or Member Enter

    Not a bad idea, just not a popular one :D As the others say my sounds are muted anyway... I get the pings from discord though lol
  10. Gargon667

    FA - path block option?

    That´s exactly what I am saying though: A better organized FS has an advantage over less organized FS. Every FS will lose badges on the maps, but the better organized one will lose fewer and then have more in the pit. It makes no difference to completing the maps for most FS. The pit is just...
  11. Gargon667

    Block Player Option

    I used to be an active KP hunter until about a year ago, when suddenly KP wasn´t a desirable resource anymore ;) From my perspective a lot of time and effort go into efficient KP hunting, but it can also be a lot of fun and turned into an exiting activity for the entire FS. There are of course...
  12. Gargon667

    FA - path block option?

    I see it that way: It´s the same for everybody and it´s another way how a better organized FS will get an advantage over less well organized competition. I always prefer it when skill makes a difference rather than say diamond spending. In this case skill means training/teaching your fellows to...
  13. Gargon667

    Martial Monastery

    me neither, you don´t get a damage increase anymore past 30 so there is no point at all. But if you do go past 30, then level 31 at least gives you double the effect that you get from levels 32-35 :P
  14. Gargon667

    Spire of Eternity difficulty changes

    If you talk about fighting the spire then it only depends on your AW levels, your placed expansions and your activated research techs, exactly the same as the tourney. Early on (and you might still be in that part) even your relics boost has an influence. It doesn´t technically increase...