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Recent content by Gargon667

  1. Gargon667

    Question Removing Archmage

    If the 4 or 5 are actually a group, you can move to a different FS together. Just look around on elvenstats, find a FS that has 5 empty spaces or just like yourself has tons of inactive towns, talk to the AM there and I am rather certain they will be happy to make space for you. I guess there...
  2. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    thanks for clearing that up, now I am with you :) btw I think there are only 5 PoP in 10 chests, but that´s a minor issue, I think it more likely to do more provinces in round 1 than being in a 10 chest FS, but of course either works... I don´t play beta so all my gueses come from reading...
  3. Gargon667

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Like what?
  4. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    it´s the best daily prize in my eyes, if mana becomes a thing with the new tourneys. If you calculate the pop it gives in addition.
  5. Gargon667

    Question Crafting - Chess Set

    Crafting it and putting it in your inventory means they never show up in your Academy again. I would guess that is the most common reason to craft for non-casual players.
  6. Gargon667

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Agreed, only for people interested in playing the spire or tournaments with more than recreational ambition.
  7. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Well there really isn´t all that much: Catering in the spire, Upgrading Constructs AWs and well making tea in the dwarven settlement. All 3 of them together is not really much. Maybe I forgot something? The new tourney would add more of course, but I can´t say I hate the idea, finally something...
  8. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Sorry I don´t get your calculation at all? I mean I get 14 PoP from a tourney easily. 6 of them from province 1-9 (on day 1 and 3) then another 8 provinces on day 1. No need for anything else, but yes of course Neighbour help will occasionally produce them and so do the extra chests in the...
  9. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Less spells yes for sure, but how many less I don´t know... I currently use far less than I get, so we´ll see which way it ends up going. All I use on a regular basis is 1 PoP on each of my 2 WS each day, makes 14 per week. I will easily get that even in the new tourney. So all the extras I get...
  10. Gargon667

    The Double Spiral Design

    Looks very pretty :) In terms of efficiency you could probably save a couple of roads by not encircling your guest race and non-road buildings. In your layout I would put these buildings off to the left side and make your spiral road from the bottom go up in the middle of the city. You can save...
  11. Gargon667

    Anyone wants to experience the next level of crazy?

    Just saying in case anyone wants to see how FAs are done? The best of the best (yes I know we are also modest as hell) have a spot free and if you want to contribute to some new record (our own from last time) breaking performance, we do have a spot free right now. Unfortunately i have not seen...
  12. Gargon667

    Question load freezes

    I had the problem a couple days ago, but I blame it on a less than prime internet connection at the time (through a mobile hotspot), the App still worked, so i played mobile only for a few days...
  13. Gargon667

    Create a Foreign Language Feature

    Fun idea! Maybe something for them to do when they have time again. Right now they are very busy with major game changes, so I would not expect it to happen any time soon, but maybe after they make chapter 17 there is a lull in the dev house :) Overall I think it would cost too much time to...
  14. Gargon667

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    what´s new? I guess they try to get at it a bit more "sneakily" because of the universal hatred of the shuffle board lol. Of course only if it is actually happening. I agree with @Pauly7: I simply don´t care enough to even bother thinking about it, even though I felt something was a bit weird...
  15. Gargon667

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Depends on your play style as always: Constructs and Elvenar needs very little mana if you use PP spells, by the time you finish that chapter your mana buildings will be way out of date anyway, so most likely you will be fine deleting most (or all) of them. Just make sure you get new ones at a...