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Recent content by Fyrebird

  1. Fyrebird

    cross tier trades - an AM's perspective

    gees will i never learn my lesson? you argued like a mofo with our last debate (and got personal and nasty), and now i find you arguing again!! I made it clear it was my perspective... is this proud having a perspective?? I will now simply ignore you as you give the impression of being an...
  2. Fyrebird

    cross tier trades - an AM's perspective

    Randblade, your own words are "you are an extreme example". You obviously don't like rules because you are non-conformist. And that's great, but not everyone is and it would be healthy for you to accept that. I didn't write this post to argue with you. I wrote it to create awareness of smaller...
  3. Fyrebird

    cross tier trades - an AM's perspective

    While i understand that some people choose to make an unconventional approach to city building, many players have 'vanilla' cities with all 3 tiers. In my fellowship we are all like-minded in terms of trade. All heck breaks loose if someone posts a cross-tier as they have all chosen the team...
  4. Fyrebird

    cross tier trades - an AM's perspective

    I know this is a hotly debated topic and I'm not wishing to open a can of worms. I was asked recently why we have the no cross-tier policy so I would simply like to share my perspective. I think many of the players that have had their cities since the dawn of time have forgotten how very...
  5. Fyrebird

    Open space at Fantastic Beasts

    We're looking for a steel/elixir boost player to join our vibrant, growing fellowship. Must be an active player, accepts our no cross tier rule, ambitious in tourneys and willing to help with fellowship adventures. Preferably no drama, we have fun and help one another. Chat can be busy some...
  6. Fyrebird

    Elven architect - City planning tool, and more.

    I get HTTP Error 503... which means the server is down (probably for maintenance)
  7. Fyrebird

    Somewhat experienced player looking for a guild with active AW KP swaps

    This is an old thread, Dimondus has already found a home with us :)
  8. Fyrebird

    Teleporting evolved buildings

    If we teleport any of our evolved buildings will we retain the evolved level or do we lose the artifacts used? Ie, if i teleport a level 10 phoenix and later want to place it, will it remain level 10? Thanx in advance
  9. Fyrebird

    Are crystal tourneys now more difficult?

    I feel we are becoming those fabled frogs who are slowly boiled to death. The temperature of the water just goes up and up and we are calmly accepting it. Well I just wanna yell "NO, NO, NO!!!!" First our events are fragged, now our tourneys.... all the fun is going out of elvenar for me. And...
  10. Fyrebird

    Are crystal tourneys now more difficult?

    But why??? This makes no sense at all. If there are only 3* troop upgrades in chapter 15 and the rest of us are not able to access those upgrades, why should we be affected by them?
  11. Fyrebird

    Are crystal tourneys now more difficult?

    I found this last crystal tourney really freekn HARD!!! It was the first time I encountered the Frog Prince and thought it was because I've recently started a new chapter. Apparently I wasn't the only one who struggled, and now speculate it was because of the new troops many of us now are able...
  12. Fyrebird

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I'm so glad I'm not the only nostalgic one! After reading about all the strategic uses of the teleport I felt vaguely stupid for saving an old event building 'cos I thought it was cute.
  13. Fyrebird

    Elvenar Down?

    I have found that when my internet goes on the fritz I have problems logging in, maybe check your modem too?
  14. Fyrebird

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Would someone start a petition to boycott next event post please? I would do so myself, but quite frankly am afraid of the backlash... this forum has a few um... unfriendly... players who are not shy about being rude. In any case I would 100% support the boycott.
  15. Fyrebird

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Even tho I have an upgraded bear I have to be honest with myself and ask was it worth it? For the next few months I will have to deal with the long term issues of having overscouted before orcs and rebuilding resources and troops. And I know i'm definitely not the worst off. I feel really sorry...