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Quest Conquerers is recruiting!

This is a rare chance to join a great international team in a fellowship which is ranked at 31, has great perks such as 10kp free each day and actively hits the spire and secures 12+ Tournament chests weekly. If you need those Blueprints and Royal Restorations to upgrade your Ancient Wonders, join an active fellowship which works together to help you get there!

Please message me (Elissa of Bedinore) Chilcana or our ArchMage Lambchop1 in game and find out what being part of a supportive yet active and friendly fellowship is all about.

Due to family and new job commitments we’ve got 4 spots open to active players who want to join a 12+ chest in the Tourney fellowship.

You could be a small fellowship of 4 looking for greater perks, or an individual looking for a new bunch of people to play with.

Please check us out on Elvenstats and get in touch in game. Contact me (Elissa of Bedinor) Chilcana and Lambchop1 for a chat.