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Latest Update - Missing Functionality


The latest update has removed a very useful piece of functionality from the game. Whenever I used to select a Manufactory type or the Workshops it would always tell me the quantity of these buildings which could be started in a single instance. This has disappeared! :mad:

This functionality is invaluable, especially when it comes round to the Fellowship Adventures. I don't want to have to count the number (sometimes close to 100 total) each time before committing to a production run... that's plain crazy.

Please reinstate this ASAP.


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Elvenar Team
Hi @Valdoress I believe this originated in Beta!! Let me ask the question and if you would be so kind as to raise a Ticket with Support I would be grateful!! :)

Kind Regards



Master of the Elements
They seem to have made a change, but only on the mobile version. However, I think the information is still there. When you multi-select workshops on mobile it shows up "produce x 2" (or whatever) on each green button. I feel like this is different, but I can't remember how. I think maybe it used to say "start x 2" at the top of the production window or something?


@Lelanya. I'll quit living before I go anywhere near that site again...

I don't mind the 'Start All' option but it's super handy to know how many in an FA when your running all the different production runs (max 11) at the same time but sometime have to switch types & quantiles between the building types.

@Pauly7. Support did mention a 'green button' as well but I guess my iPad App doesn't come with that option. You are correct, the info was at the top of the tab: Start Production [ tick box for all ] ( x quantity ).

That said, Supports solution didn't make any sense (but I did it anyway) and alas it's still missing. Guess I will have to go without. :(