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Jewels of Arendyll looking for members

Our fellowship consists of a great team of keen Adventure players, so naturally we are great Spire climbers and Tournament fighters, they are from many countries in the world, and different continents. We get gold on Spire almost every week, and 13-14 chests weekly on tournaments. Of course, sometimes members are on holidays or resolving RL issues, and we might get one chest less ;)

Some players, after years of playing Elvenar, decide to take longer breaks or retire. It is seldom players leave us for another fellowship, as we are a chatty and friendly group. We love adventures due to the fun we have and the group communication and cooperation we have at that time. Not to mention it gets rather exciting on the last day of the Pit, when the race for the 1rst place is on. So here we are, short of players for that big exciting race. Its been some time we have been coming in 2nd place, we want to be first again, so we invite you, fun and challenge loving player, to join us.

Get in touch,

MagicTasha (AM)