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Buzzing Spring event (from Discord)


As for the RNG affect of city pick ups, that's peanuts really. You need 25 'bonus' bits of currency just to give you one extra point on the board.
Agreed it's a small amount but over the course of the event they can add up to quite a few points on the board. That can be the difference between 255 points and the complete set.


Until recently I had an Ashen Phoenix in just 1 city but in some Events this city still came last. Getting lucky with the 'currency boosters' is a huge factor in any Event we get to play. Granted not all the Event types have this bonus.

Alas I have never spent any real money on the game and to boot I have never reached the Portrait on offer. I think I have only ever achieved 1 complete set of buildings from an Event - Soul Lab Experiments but again this is still missing 1 evolution to reach Stage 5.

I don't think I got all of this events buildings but will have to check.


I got the full set but missed the portrait, that was having my ashen pheonix fed. I ended up in the Silver league. I don't spend money to play, so whether it's luck or how I play the shuffle board I don't know. I won't place this set, but I love the look of it.