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Adventurers Fellowship on Winyandor EN (EN2)


Adventurers Fellowship on Winyandor EN (EN2) has 3 vacancies for active daily players.
Due to losing inactive members.
We are a laid-back Fellowship with only 1 requirement: to grow your city.
We are a level 30 FS ranked 37th, we achieve a minimum of 10 chests every week and silver in the spire, working towards gold.
We are a friendly and helpful bunch with very active kp donation threads. Very relaxed and has no drama. You would be very welcome to join.
If you are looking for a new home, then this is the FS to consider. Join directly or contact one of the mages or archmage.
Looking forward to seeing you :)
Hi I dont want to jump straight in without asking because of my low level. I have been playing a couple of months and got to mid chapter 4 solo. II only built booster manufacturers and upgrade as sooon as I can. I play a minimum of 8 hours daily and have played similar games to this so farming and grinding is nothing new. With some help with basic supplies I am confident I could quickly be in a position to help in tournaments and even the spire. If my level does not put you off please just send me an invite or give me the ok. If not be safe and enjoy your gaming.