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Recent content by SkyRider99

  1. SkyRider99

    Autumn Zodiac

    I love it so much when the task option "Scout a province" comes up. It takes me more than 5 days to scout now. Thankfully there is usually an alternative being requested :)
  2. SkyRider99

    Question Buy KP

    Agree. I only buy KP for a quest or event requirement. I get enough KPs from tournaments, so I don't feel the need to add a few measly KP from the endlessly increasing KP shop.
  3. SkyRider99

    Moonstone Library Changes just announced in Beta

    Perhaps my scrolls manufactories will become useful again :p Thank the game devs for me, and give them an extra bowl of gruel for supper ;)
  4. SkyRider99

    Insufficient ORC numbers

    You'll need even more orcs once you build the Training Grounds and start to train Orc Warriors and Orc Strategists. Six armories is a good idea.
  5. SkyRider99

    Squad size curse

    Good info thanks MinervaOz. It seems ironic that there are 67 research items to increase squad size but, as you rightly say, the ratios are preset and there's nothing that can be done. Damned if you do, damned if you don't ;)
  6. SkyRider99

    Other Spire Of Eternity - Suggestion

    Please no more Moonstone Libraries. The global scrolls surplus is still an issue. At least it is for me. I have been able to get a couple of scrolls trades taken recently. It is very rare that I see any fair trades asking for scrolls though.
  7. SkyRider99

    Squad size curse

    What's the point of my researching 67 squad size items when the enemy squad size just keeps getting bigger? I might almost break even on the Spire encounters (per wave), but after a few Tournament provinces I'm always greatly outnumbered. I'll just keep collecting the troop boosts when I can...
  8. SkyRider99

    organise summonings

    I'm a PC user as well. 'Not sure if the search-by-name feature is what @IronOrchid was suggesting. But the ability to reorganise the summonings would be useful for me so I could place some of the lower grade summonings in the last pages, and group some others together for easy reference.
  9. SkyRider99

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I hope your gast is still serviceable @Sir Derf o_O
  10. SkyRider99

    UNDO button

    I can't quite remember, but doesn't the game pop up a confirmation screen before you sell/delete? I only use the PC/laptop version, so find that selling is not an issue. The game does make one remarkably focused when choosing what to click on sometimes :cool:
  11. SkyRider99

    Question Booster Spells

    Hi @Torkan2021. You have had a few very helpful replies. Regarding the 'diamonds' button: There is an option in the game settings (bottom right of screen) to always prompt before you spend diamonds. I have this set to always ask me if I'm sure before I spend valuable diamonds. I never use...
  12. SkyRider99

    ALL 4 1 & 1 4 ALL

    You have a good FS setup kimkimkim. Similar to mine :) Good luck with finding a new member. I'm sure lots of players would be attracted to your group.
  13. SkyRider99

    Faster NH visits

    Thanks for your reply Solanix. I am also in a similar situation to yours. But I sometimes have regular good neighbours who do not always appear in the 10 pages of notifications. For example, in times when I have a large number of trades being accepted, in addition to my 24 fellowship members...
  14. SkyRider99

    Faster NH visits

    Hi Solanix. I don't intend the pop-ups to be for the neighbours. Just for me, when I click on their city on my world map. I don't want to wait for their entire city scape to be displayed to me in glorious technicolor. I just want to see a pop-up, just me, so I can give my NH and not have to...
  15. SkyRider99

    Building upgrade suggestion

    It's possible to use 'teleport' enchantments to temporarily free up space, and then move things around. Extra city expansions are perhaps too obvious to mention.