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Recent content by McBratty

  1. McBratty

    Elvenar Down For Maintenance

    I still cant login on Felyndral and Arendyll on En server
  2. McBratty

    Looking to hook up with a Fellowship (How Original)

    Perhaps you could give us the friends name so we can verify what you say. :)
  3. McBratty


    Tanglewood has one place available at present. We are an extremely active group who work well together in tournaments and the FA. We are even getting good at the Spire although its not compulsory to participate. For relatively new cities we will help with trades to get your city flourishing in...
  4. McBratty

    Question Question Regarding Endless Excavation AW

    Oh that explains it! Thank you so much for your reply Stephen. I dont know why I didnt think of that, learn something new every day. Thanks again. :)
  5. McBratty

    Question Question Regarding Endless Excavation AW

    I am seeing a discrepancy in the output of the EE between Arendyll and Winyandor and also Beta. In Arendyll I have a level 6 EE which produces 132k every 24 hrs In Winyandor I have a level 6 EE which produces 46,200 every 24 hrs. In Beta I have a level 3 EE which produces 100k every 24 hrs. Is...
  6. McBratty

    Looking For A New Home?

    Look no further than No Drama! We are regular 10 chest tourney players with an average schedule of 1 every 2 or 3 weeks ( we try to avoid the horrible scrolls and magic dust weeks as you know what they are like!!) and arrive at the 10th chest with plenty time to spare each time. Interested in...
  7. McBratty

    ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more

    I havent been able to load anything from elvenstats for a few days now.
  8. McBratty

    Answered Slow Loading

    Why has this been marked answered when the only answers are from people agreeing they too are having issues??
  9. McBratty

    Answered Slow Loading

    Is anyone else having problems getting the game and the various screens within it to load? Its been going on for days now and its definitely NOT my internet speed as everything else apart from the game loads promptly. The game screen will eventually load and I can get in only then to have...
  10. McBratty

    Universal Evolving Artifact

    Im not saying to have them regularly appearing in the MA but once in a while it would be fantastic. Those who joined after the event which offered the Phoenix are really disadvantaged in tournaments as there has been nothing offered since that does what the Phoenix does. Or else just offer them...
  11. McBratty

    Universal Evolving Artifact

    Back in the mists of time we recieved the Phoenix bird as an evolving building during an event. Probably one of the best evolving buildings that they produced. Everyone worked like mad to get all the spells to upgrade it to the max before the event ended. Since then, many people have joined...
  12. McBratty

    No Drama Is Recruiting!

    We are a very friendly FS who work together to complete tournaments and FA's when they come around. We have achieved 10 chests in the last few tournaments we have gone for and we aim to do those more frequently. We enjoy having new players and are happy to help them grow with game advice and...
  13. McBratty

    No Drama Seeking Members!

    Our doors are still open if anyone is interested in joining our slowly growing little group. Cmon, you know you want to. Absolutely no need to be shy, just search for us, click the button and bam! You are a member! The fourth person to apply will win a handy dandy specially crafted tupperware...
  14. McBratty

    No Drama Seeking Members!

    Thank you for the kind offer but as I mentioned on Facebook we would rather plod along and add members slowly. Easier to get a group of like minded people together. Wishing you well with the FS! :)
  15. McBratty

    No Drama Seeking Members!

    We are a small Fellowship located in Arendyll on the EN1 server. We are looking for people who are interested in doing tournaments along with helping each other grow our cities. As a group we decide when we will go for a large number of tournament chests and during those weeks we ask everyone to...