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Zephala is Recruiting

Piglets For All

We currently have one vacancy and are looking for a committed and regular daily player, ideally with boosts of planks and dust.

We are a 10 chest tournament Fellowship with a minimum of 1.2k tournament points each week. We participate in the spire and fellowship adventures.

We have an active FS chat but participation isn't compulsory - some of our members are a little shy! ;)

If you're already into the guest races and looking for a great Fellowship then please apply to Piglets For All

Piglets For All

We are looking for one new member, we are looking for that person to have planks boosted and while we aren't particularly bothered about how many points a new person has we would like them to be at least as far as Orcs & Goblins.

We are getting at least the 13th chest every week in the tournament and ask our members to get a minimum of 1.2k points.

We have hit the giddy heights of gold in the spire recently due to our programme of planned progression up the spire, while we don't ask our members to get to the top we do expect them to hit the minimum (which is currently increasing - details on applying).

Boosted goods only in both regular and sentient goods - we don't like cross trades in normal goods and would prefer people to keep them to a minimum but realise that sentient goods are a bit different.

We don't like the FA and feel that the amount of clicking doesn't warrant the rewards on offer, however free is free and so we do all paths on the first map and then just one path on maps 2 and 3 - we certainly don't expect our members to rip their cities apart to make badges!

We're easy going, friendly and like chatting, however that doesn't mean that chatting is compulsory.

If the above sounds like the type of Fellowship you'd like to be a member of then send me a mail. :)

Piglets For All

We currently have two spaces - the above information still applies, but we've got Gold in the Spire for the last 6 weeks and ask for a minimum of the top of the 2nd map every week, if you are able to meet the Spire and tournament requirements (tournament = 1.2k points) then the city level isn't of such importance.

We are looking primarily looking for crystal or dust boost, but will of course consider anything else.

We've changed our approach a little on the FA - still don't think the amount of clicking is worth the cleared map rewards but recognise that some people like to make a lot of badges - so now its all paths on Map 1; 2 paths on Map 2 and 1 path on Map 3 - so whether you only put 1 badge in or whether you like to put more than that the choice is yours, we wait for everybody to contribute before we close the required paths for the map.

All for one and one for all!

Send me a mail if you think this Fellowship is the one for you :)
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Piglets For All

We're still looking for 2 new members to join us as 2 of ours have decided to leave the game.

If you are into the guest races and are looking for a FS who get gold in the spire and at least 12 chests in the tournament then that's us!

We visit at least 4 times a week, limit the number of cross trades unless they are sentient goods. We do ask for minimum points in the both spire and tournament but will give you a couple of weeks to settle in. We're not so keen on the FA, too much clicking for too little reward but we skip across all 3 maps as easily and as possible.

We have kp threads which move very fast, most people use them.

If you're interested then send me a mail!