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Zephala are looking for new members

Zephala is an established Fellowship, unfortunately we've lost a few people recently to real life issues and are looking to fill our vacancies.

We're a friendly FS, active chat window and well used KP threads.

We are getting 12+ chests in the tournament each week and until our numbers dropped were getting gold in the spire regularly.

We do take part in the Fellowship Adventures but aren't looking for high scores - some people love the tiny buildings and lots of badges and some will just place 1 or 2 badges per map.

We would prefer that new members are in the guest races, however we will consider lower players who know and understand the mechanics of the game and are able to meet our minimums of 1200 points in tournaments and the top of the 2nd stage of the Spire.

If this sounds like a Fellowship you'd like to be a part of then drop me a mail.