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Your Fantasy City.

Sir Derf

Curious to know what people would consider an optimum long-term, stable city design...

Here's the Rules...
  1. Pick a Chapter.
  2. Pick a reasonable expansion size for that chapter (No, you can't have all scoutable expansions for a Chapter VII city)
  3. You may have as many craftable or Daily Event Prize building.
  4. You may have no more than 1 of any Evolvable or Set Building. (I don't care if you could have won or crafted multiple in the past, no more than one each)
  5. You are allowed expiring buildings (Diamonds, fighting, etc.) but explain how sustainable they are.

Far Reach

Obviously a lot depends on city priorities (tournament, ranking. FA. aesthetics etc.)
An optimum city should be able to top the Spire each week, but that isn't too much of a constraint.

I'd pick C18 (the latest chapter). It provides most flexibility (e.g. in terms of space and buildings), is obviously the best for ranking and doesn't really have any downside. (Chapters 15 - 18 are roughly equivalent as far as the tournament and spire formula are concerned because the research penalty is offset by the faster production rate of military buildings).

The choice of wonders and number of expansions is more of a direct trade-off between the different priorities.


The city I have is pretty much ideal for me except one thing. I want a level 10 Panda bear so i can combine it with a level 30 Timewarp to boost tournament scores.

Chapter 15 so all units are 3 star. More space is always better but its enough, especially if i got rid of guest race buildings. One more level on my Brown bear since its at 9. Max level wonders of course, long way off atm but im getting there.

Allows me to score ~5500 in 5 tournaments and 10k+ in the other 4.
Gold spire each week
35k T1 sentients and 12k T2 passive.
Hold around 3 million mana, 250k seeds