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Winterfell is recruiting!


Winterfel! Is recruiting :D
Are you looking for a new happy and active fellowship with lots of chat?
Then this could be your new home! ;)
Majority of fellows are active daily, trades are taken quickly, and we go out of our way to help new players.
Currently ranked at 100 in Global Rankings, (was 75) up until this morning when I had to let a husband and wife team go.
We are ranked 20 in Fellowship Adventures.
ideally we are looking for players with a personal score of at least 30K + and preferably Marble, Crystal or Dust boosted.
However, we will consider lower scored players, so long as you have a desire to contribute to the fellowship. Our newer players grow fast and stay with us <3
We are relaxed and happy fellowship, who will welcome you into our friendly little group with open arms.
Feel free to apply to NinaS or any of the mages. If interested, please apply or message NinaS in game.
Look forward to hearing from some new fellows :):):)
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