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Winter Magic Forum Competition

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Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves

To finish off this very unusual year, we have just posted up our last Competition of 2020.

Please head over to our Community Contest, to enter for your chance to win some Diamonds :diamond::diamond::diamond:

kind regards
Your Elvenar Team


I am a bit confused. From first read, it sounds like pick a number. Some numbers may contain a prize. No way to say which one is correct or not, yet winners will be chosen from those that picked the correct numbers. Just a simile, in this case, picked the correct individual added pic. Sounds like the lottery to me.


I also see a technical skill challenge here. Forgive me if I perceive it wrong. We are asked to copy a pic to circle three spots and then to upload our amended picture to the forum competition thread. I do not think all of us have all of those skills. My suggestion: Why not number all the spots and ask us to type the numbers of the spots we have chosen? That way more will be able to enter the competition.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Every device has at the very least a paint app installed, this is across all pcs, tablets and phones.
By saving the picture it can then be amended on thousands of different apps, to just circle the three items you wish to choose.
We are happy with uploads of this kind or screenshots, whatever is easier for you really.


it's about skills, not about some app, as @BlueBlou said. One might have the app but just don't know how to use it. Not everyone is computer savvy :) Just saying.
Surely there's many ways to do this though. I'm sure people could print it off, circle them in biro and scan it back in, if they really fancied, even though it would be more complicated for most people. I assume most people here have some level of computer skills if they're playing a computer game.


I've only gone and bloody done it....I think!
If you've ended up with a bunch of porn, you've only yourselves to blame.....lol.....joking, joking. ;)

I'm more of an On/Off button sort of person @Pauly7 - I could never set a VCR either but I could watch videos. :)

tks for the help/advice


i don't get it are we suppose to click on an item and it will turn to something else because i keep clicking and nothing happen


Instructions for windows 10 users.

right click the competion image, save as a .jpg... to desktop.
go to desktop right click saved image, choose edit.
this will open it in paint, in paint there is an tool called a pencil, click that and draw a circle on the image.
save image then upload it back to the competition entry thread.
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Tried the copy, circle and upload. The thread tells me the file is too big. So I have described my picks, lol
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