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'Winter Magic 2021' event in Beta


I am working on the event note and will be adding more as the day progresses.
You can look at what I have done already here, including screenshots and the Forum Announcement: https://tinyurl.com/kkdzfvue
You are welcome to share this Google Doc with friends and fellowship.

The productions are Pop, Culture and chapter-dependent Supplies, Goods, Mana, Seeds or Unurium.
Bonuses are Tier Three Goods and Tier Two Relics (Boosted + other)
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An automatic convince, the spirits will all accept the stone instead of choosing a resource.
But just one spirit per encounter, meaning you cant use a stone on all 5 in the same encounter.
Thats what it looks like.


Depending on scarcity, probably best not to get addicted to using it.

I thought it was like an auto complete convince on all 5 ghosts. Only applicable to one ghost will have to be for the rare cases where you have one ghost that still has two or three possibilities and it is already costing diamonds to solve it.


Sounds like a fun addition for those that struggle with convincing spirits :)

I´ll be interested in getting some of those, too, anything new is fun to explore :)

Wasn´t there also something about the spire in the new FS feature on beta? Seems like they are really trying to make the spire easier, I just hope they don´t go too far with it and make it so easy that it becomes boring and then they have to nerf the whole thing again to make up for it, as they have done with the tourney before...


Dear Humans and Elves,
Today's update includes the following content:


  • Boblin's Express Service will now give 1 of each relic needed for creating a Magical Manufacturing on higher levels and at level 10 you will get 1 magical manufacturing everyday in addition to the old bonuses.
Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team



New values for the Evolving building! Values are for Chapter XII Elementals.

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@Alcaro : That's how I read the tooltip as well, at first... but it seems that someone accidentally put in a carriage return after the word "Spire" and nobody else noticed. It's actually all one sentence, running on from the word "Spire" to the next line, so that it reads, in its entirety, "once per Spire Diplomacy Encounter". Still not as versatile as some had hoped, but at least more helpful than limiting the use of Spectral Stones to only once per Spire?

I suppose those who are, as I was, misled by the odd line spacing of this tooltip will find out what this text actually means via trial and error, of course, but to be honest, a bit more attention during QA would help - with this and also with so many other text descriptions in the game, many of which are either inaccurate (Event 'flavour texts' in particular are prime candidates for basic errors of grammar and spelling) or at least phrased in confusing terms. There's also the question of presentation - in the screenshot you've posted, for example, the text would look SO much better if it had been adjusted to fit into three long lines, rather than three long-ish lines and two very short ones - but I suppose that's too much to ask for... :D


the print screen says very clear : convince all 5 spirits
What are you reading? cause it clearly doesn't say that
Also it makes much more sense to be able to stock more of them to use in a single spire, similar to how you can stack Dwarven armories if you're going the combat route.


@Gannet - what I am reading and what I understand might be different. I guess it will be clear once someone will decide to use those stones. So far I didn't gain any.