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White Dragons seeking keen on and Active players

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Hello, friends! We are Winyandor fellowship with history in Elvenar, but need to recruit because of some inactives members. We need for at least 12 new players, who are fun and friendly, helping the other fellow members despite their rank .Those of us, who are in need of hew members are active every day in trade, help and new adventurers missions so we will support everybody with similar understanding with desire to join us.

What we require mostly from you:

1) To visit all fellowship members at least 3 days of a week.

2) Trade at 2 or 3 stars, fair trade is the best friendship policy.

3) Help active in adventurer's missions according to your possibilities and desire (the awards are for everyone, the more help you can give, the more big prizes you will get with the others of fellowship).

We do not require you to participate in tournaments. Any help that you can provide (even a small one) would be beneficial, the awards are for everyone.

There will be no pressure to grow at a fast rate ( go at your own pace).

Inactive more than 3 weeks members without any notice and non-respect others members may be removed.


The next adventurers mission is knocking on the door and we still have a plenty of free places for active players :) .