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Question When do I get the reward for investing Knowledge Points into another player's Ancient Wonders?


I have tackled with this problem multiple times. After investing my KP into another person's Ancient Wonder, I am meant to be getting a large reward. So when exactly do I get that?


When the research for the has been completed, allowing the owner to upgrade the wonder in question. e.g. To upgrade the mountain halls to level 12 from level 11 requires 720 KP, once all 720 KP have been placed the rewards are given to the 7 players ( apart from the owner of the wonder) who have placed the most KP.


So, as in Stephen1's example above, 7 different awards will be given out to the top 7 contributors (apart from the owner) to a Mountain Hall at Level 11. Again, Stephen1 is correct. The rewards are given as soon as the 720th KP is contributed (not once the upgrade is complete, not even once the upgrade is started). So, an AW can technically sit with all KP contributed, and no activity going forward. This can be intentional for various reasons. But, that is another discussion.

Sometimes it is completely obvious who will get the top prize, if you have done the math and contributed 361 KP (720max/2+1), then you are guaranteed to get the top prize. Because no one else can possibly contribute more. This is incredibly rare, and many would consider this wasteful since you would not be getting as much KP back as you contributed. But there could be reasons for this (generosity, need for AW pieces, fellowship loyalty / reciprocity, etc.)

Most times, the complexities are more pronounced. The 7 different prizes can be calculated out. You may want to target a specific prize, based on how much the other contributors have donated already (including the owner, because that counts against the remaining possible donations).

Some players/fellowships intentionally contribute 1 or 2 KP to a vast number of non-fellow AWs ("sniping") in the hopes of scavenging a decent number of left over prizes that can then cover their losses in other AWs where they are not successful. Some players are just naturally generous and are "spreading the wealth" . Some closely watch they dynamics of contributions to specific AWs (when players tend to contribute daily, and in what amounts). You may be top contributor one moment (but without being at the max threshold to guarantee top winnings), and then another player can top you at the last moment to finish off the 720 total, and then bump you out of the top spot. I have actually seen an entire run of top contributors bumped off by a coordinated "attack" in this manner. Unfortunately, once the 720th KP is donated and the prizes get distributed. then there is no visibility into who won the list of prizes for anyone except the owner. Each individual does see their particular prize but does not see the list of winners. And, if you were a contributor, but did not make it to a final prize spot, there is no notification at all.


Simple answer is when the other player AW is full.
He doesn't need to be online, or to click upgrade.
Everyone gets the reward chest as soon as the research bar is full.

In case it is full but you haven't received your rewards yet, maybe go on your map and return home, to refresh it.
If nothing else, quit the app and open again.