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Question What is your favourite Building and Why?


One of the most beautiful to me is Gems Manufactory lvl 26

Since I first saw it months ago I was amazed and best thing is that is my Sentient factory now, so I finally have it and don't plan to upgrade it soon :cool:
I'll post some more buildings later, but in general, I think Elvenar should have more of a 'magical' buildings than all merging to 'human-like' shapes and visuals.
the trader:). on 2 separate occasions, i had a net gain of 300k T3 goods in 24 hrs just from trading T3 for T3, not to mention all i gained from T1 and T2 trades. many times as a young and medium sized city i made more from the trader than from all of my factories combined on the same day. no extra land, people, gold, supplies, or culture needed considering we need a trader anyways. i can't help wondering how many other cities here can honestly say that? if you wanna know how, check for my post in the lounge.

i found this to be one of the more fun aspects of the game. it's a shame most people miss out on it.


Most powerful: Fire Phoenix maybe Dwarven Armorer on second place?
Obviously there are the standard buildings that contain entire functions of the game one cannot (or should not) be without: Barracks, MA, Trader
For the fun of it: Windmill of Evil. The only building I have never gotten from the MA objects :D
To date, by far...The Smallest Room. The toilet paper hanging out the door as it nearly blows off the hinges. Wish I could post the automation with the green smoke. My 5 alarm chili strikes again (the secret is a ghost):eek:o_O

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